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  • "Octopuss" started this thread

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Thursday, March 14th 2013, 10:06pm

What's your keymap?

If there's already such thread, forgive me and delete me :P

I am interested how do you guys have your keys mapped. I am seriously lacking with some of them and can't seem to come up with usable setup.
Except for the standard movement keys and sprint (and those map-related and other unimportant things), I have:
crouch (hold) - left alt
crouch (toggle) - caps lock
prone - c
select knife - mouse wheel up
melee attack - v
throw grenade - upper mouse thumb button
toggle primary - lower mouse thumb button
toggle gadget 2 - mouse wheel down

It sort of works, but I have some problems with crouch/prone and knifing. In fact I am not even sure how useful crouching really is, because it usually only helps me die quicker, but then again - for a noob there is always huge room for improvement.

So what are your keys for the most important actions?

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Thursday, March 14th 2013, 11:40pm

I stick with the default key bindings for the most part, except that I've configured a few macros for some mouse buttons: toggle primary/secondary weapons, drop a med kit, revive with paddles and switch immediately back to primary weapon, accept revive and switch immediately to primary weapon.

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Thursday, March 14th 2013, 11:43pm

When I played TF2, I liked to have everything right around the asdw keys.
Q--weapon 1
2--weapon 2
E--melee weapon
I don't recall what else I had set up, I haven't played TF2 in ages.
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Thursday, March 14th 2013, 11:47pm

ESDF for movement, all other keys adepted to that
Other than that:
Changed all the equipment buttons to their toggle variants
special mouse button 1 = toggle secondary
Special mouse button 2 = deploy countermeasure in vehicle, big map as infantry
Bipod to r (e for wasd)
Left-alt: zoom in/out map
Mouse scroll: change vehicle seat
Ofc jet pitchup to spacebar

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Friday, March 15th 2013, 4:09am

I have only changed a few things to have easier access to the important keys.
So as infantry my key bindings are:

WASD - moving
Shift - sprint
Ctrl - Crouch(hold)
Alt - Prone(toggle)
Spacebar - Jump
Q - spotting
E - enter vehicle/use
Y - bipod
R - reload
F - toggle gadget 1
G - toggle gadget 2
Mouse wheel up - toggle primary
Mouse wheel down - toggle secondary
Mouse button 4 (left tumb button back) - knife attack
Mouse button 5 (left tumb button front) - grenade

Alternative i would choose:

F - quickswitch (between primary and secondary)
Mouse wheel up - toggle gadget 1
Mouse wheel down - toggle gadget 2

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Friday, March 15th 2013, 4:23am

ESDF layout
Q: Switch to pistol
W: Spot
R: Use/Enter
T: Reload
A: Switch weapon (vehicle)/fire mode
G: Grenade
C: Bipod
V: Prone

LMB: Fire
MMB: Melee
RMB: Spot/Toggle ADS
Mouse forward: Sprint/Boost
Mouse backward: Crouch (hold)/Countermeasure
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Friday, March 15th 2013, 10:50am

French AZERTY keyboard :
ZQSD - Moving
Shift - Sprint
Ctrl - Crouch (Hold)
Alt - Push To Talk (Mumble and TS)
Spacebar - Jump
A - Spotting
E - Enter vehicle/Use
R - Reload
F - Quick Knife
G - Grenade
I - Switch Firemode (I was hitting the default one each time I jumped ...)
X - Crouch (Toggle)
W - Prone (Toggle)

Left mouse button - Fire
Right mouse button - ADS (Hold)
Mouse wheel button - Grenade
Mouse wheel up - Toggle gadget (medkit/Rpg/Tugs/ammo)
Mouse wheel down - Toggle gadget (defib/torch/beacon/XBow)
Mouse button 4 (left tumb button back) - Reload
Mouse button 5 (left tumb button front) - Quick Knife
Mouse button $ (unrecognised so is attributed to $) - Switch weapons

Default maps keybinding
Stats thingy

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Friday, March 15th 2013, 11:00am

awsd moving
q spot
e - some equipment...
f - enter/exit vehicle
r - reload
g - grenade
x - hold breath
c - firing mode
v - flashlight/laser
space - jump
alt - sprint
ctrl/shift - crouch(hold)/prone(toggle) (I never remember which is which but it makes perfect sense while I'm playing and always hit the right one... :| )
Tab - scoreboard
b - map style
n - map zoom
m - map size
1,2,3,4,5,6 - weapons
F1-F6 - positions
t - all chat
y - team chat
u - squad chat
j - parachute

LMB - fire
RMB - zoom (toggle) and flashlight/laser (for sniping, wish there would be a separate for just laser)
Mouse 4 - bipod and push to talk (can get awkward but I'm usually not using bipod when playing with others and MB5 just isn't very accessible on my mouse for quick bipodding... :> )
MMB - knife


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Friday, March 15th 2013, 8:14pm

Only major key change is CAPSLOCK for toggle primary\secondary. Good location, only problem is I'M ALWAYS SHOUTING IN CHAT!

I have crouch, prone, and reload mapped on my Logitech G500 buttons.
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Friday, March 15th 2013, 9:17pm

Not changed much either:

WASD - moving
Shift - sprint
Ctrl - Crouch(hold)
C - Prone(toggle)
Spacebar - Jump
Q - spotting
E - enter vehicle/use
R - reload
F - quickswitch
G - grenade
Mouse wheel up - unbound
Mouse wheel down - toggle attachment
Mouse wheel press - grenade
Mouse button 4 (left tumb button back) - knife attack

Oh, and I switched primary and secondary, so 1 is pistol, 2 is primary. Was so used to it in BC2 and didn't want to switch ;)

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