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  • "sshadow2" started this thread

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: Aug 17th 2012

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Tuesday, August 21st 2012, 5:09pm

How would you balance the classes in BF3?

Here's my suggestions:

  1. Giving support med kits. They choose to run it or ammo. Keep paddles with Assault.
  2. Give spotting with equip (MAV or Tugs) more points for recon.
  3. Put in game a confirmation alert to the offending players when either more than one in a squad has the same specialization or someone has no specialization. Maybe even give the commander the ability to temporarily change squad member specializations. If the person drops from squad, it returns to whatever that player previously choose.

I can't imagine this being difficult to do. Let me know what you think and what are your suggestions?

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Tuesday, August 21st 2012, 5:15pm

Make another class, medic;
Uses carbines, and has the medpack and Defibs.

Now uses PDWs but the repair tool is buffed.

Permanent MASS, and M320

No change.

Various point changes suggested in other threads.

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Tuesday, August 21st 2012, 6:01pm

Put in game a confirmation alert to the offending players when either more than one in a squad has the same specialization or someone has no specialization.

I think this could be fixed quite well with a better interface: instead of choosing a specialization for each class, players should be asked to rank their specializations in preferred order for each class. Then, when you join a squad, the game would go down the list for your current class and pick your favourite unchosen specialization. If the squad lost a player, the process would repeat once for the remaining members.

Bam! Worry-free unique specialization selection for everyone! Even if someone never manually selected a specialization in their life, their lists would all be in default order, and they'd still contribute a unique specialization whenever they were in a squad.

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Tuesday, August 21st 2012, 11:08pm

I favor the splitting of Recon and Sniper.

Recon gets PDWs, TUGS, C4. (Kind of a "saboteur" class)
Support gets Ammo, Health.
Sniper gets Soflam, Spawn Beacon.
Assault gets M320/M26, Defibs.
Engineer stays as-is

Much simpler than what I've stated. In general, I like the ideas, though to be honest, I don't think that DICE will spring for good-sized changes so soon.
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Tuesday, August 21st 2012, 11:29pm

BC2 classes pleases. Played it the other day, it works sooo much better.

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Tuesday, August 21st 2012, 11:32pm

I would rather have the seven classes before Bad Company. Screw this four class crap.
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Wednesday, August 22nd 2012, 3:09am

Make another class, medic;
Uses carbines, and has the medpack and Defibs.

Now uses PDWs but the repair tool is buffed.

Permanent MASS, and M320

No change.

Various point changes suggested in other threads.

The only thing I would change would be for the Medic to have PDWs and Engineers stay with carbines. Of course all classes can use shotguns.

Instead of having both MASS or M320, maybe extra grenade, or flashbangs.

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Wednesday, August 22nd 2012, 3:53am


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Wednesday, August 22nd 2012, 4:04am

This is where balancing would should be separate on console and PC.

On large vehicle maps on console, you are limited to 24 players, thus, you are most likely going to come across a lot of armored vehicles and not much infantry, this makes the Engineer a go to class on consoles on these maps. Assault is nearly useless here, the carbines are nearly as effective as the Assault rifles, but you can deal with armor, destroying them and repairing them.

On PC, you have servers with more players, up to 64 players, I can see the Assault class being much more useful here, you'll come across a lot of infantry to deal with and you will also come across more people to revive, wheres reviving on console large maps is quite rare, other than the occasional dead squad mate while you were cappin' flags.

There isn't much difference in the amount of vehicles on console and PC. Like on Operation Firestorm, PC gets an extra tank and a MAA per team. So, you could virtually say consoles have to deal with the same amount of vehicles but way less infantry, thus, Engineer is just simply the way to go.

Support seems to be the mid way, good enough capabilities to destroy vehicles and good enough to kill infantry (Devastating against infantry in stationary positions) So, I don't really propose any changes here.

And who cares about Recon...
But anyways, just like you said, they need to earn more points with spotting, the points they get with the MAV and TUGS (Motion Assist and Spot Bonus) are very good, but I think they should earn 20-30 points for spotting with their weapons instead of the default 10.

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Wednesday, August 22nd 2012, 4:13am

*goes 34-0 with Assault MVP Game Winner on Firestorm conquest*

*is apparently useless*
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