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Nick 30075



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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 7:23am

Custom Gun Master Setups

Gun Master is all about giving some breathing room to underused weapons and showcasing some unique playstyles with a wide variety of weapons. So, if you could have any weapons/setups in Gun Master, what would they be? (Think of this as making a custom rotation for the Gun Master mode)

Keep up in the same order for weapons classes currently used in-game (3 pistols->2 PDWs->2 shotguns, etc.)
Use -- to indicate no attachment
Feel free to leave spots blank; many of the weapons in Gun Master don't have a full setup. This gives players who like a particular setup some room to customize.

M1911 Suppressed
PP2000 (Kobra, --, Extended Mags)
AS Val (PK-A (3.4x), Extended Mags, --)
M26 Slug
SAIGA (Iron Sights, --, Flechette)
ACW-R (Holo, --, Suppressor)
QBZ-95B (Kobra, Laser Sight, Heavy Barrel)
G3A3 (Reflex, --, Heavy Barrel)
KH2002 (Iron Sights, Foregrip, Flash Suppressor)
M249 (Holo, Foregrip, Laser Sight)
QBB95 (PK-A (3.4x), Bipod, Heavy Barrel)
M39 EMR (Iron Sights, Foregrip, Suppressor)
L96 (M145 (3.4x), Straight-Pull Bolt, --)
320 Buck (1 kill)
Knife (1 kill)

Note--I also feel that this rotation is more balanced to newcomers than the existing rotation.
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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 7:58am

G18 supp.
MP7 - Suppressor
AS Val (PK-A (3.4x), Extended Mags, --) - Keeping this.
870 shotgun. RDS.
SPAS-12. Irons, E-mags
SCAR-H. Acog, bipod
G53. PKA 3.4x, suppressor.
KH2002. Kobra, foregrip
AUG A3, Holo, laser
RPK. Bipod, PSO-1 4x
MG36. RDS, suppressor, foregrip.
M417. Iron Sights, Foregrip, Suppressor.
SKS. PKA 3.4x, foregrip, flash suppressor
320 Smoke (1 kill, knifing some-one counts if direct impact isn't viable, this would make the endgame fucking crazy)
Knife (1 kill)

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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 8:25am

M1911 Tactical
G18 Suppressed

MP412 Rex

AS VAL (HOLO, Laser, Ext. Mag)

UMP45 (Irons, Laser, --)

870MCS (Irons, -- , Flechette)

M1014 (Kobra, Laser, Slug)

A-91 (Kobra, FG, Laser)

AKS-74U (HOLO, -- , HBar)

AN94 (Reflex, -- , HBar)

M16A4 [Notice the "4"]... (Kobra, -- , Suppressor)

M60E4 (Irons, Bipod, -- )

MG36 (HOLO, FG, HBar)

SKS (Kobra, -- , Laser)

SV98 (HOLO, SPB, -- )

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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 10:28am

I like it....

But I'd really rather see Gun Master switch to a random order...

2 pistols (never G18 nor Raffica)

and then any 3 of the following 5 major categories of weapons:

4 pdws
4 carbines (not counting M4)
4 ar's (not counting M16 or AEK)
4 LMGs
4 Shotguns

2 Sniper Rifles (one semi and then one bolt action)

Hand Grenade, C4, M320 (any form) or M26 Mass (any form)


And as far as sights I would like to see the guns with the more usable irons used, except guns that are hip fire/laser style, and for the guns with bad irons or bad hipfire, any red dot. This is Close quarters after all... the 3x and 4x scopes in gun master are absurd.
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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 11:02am

I'd keep the LVG in there, just because it seems to serve it's function as a roadblock pretty well. If it weren't for this thing we all would run around with knifes in a matter of minutes.

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: May 29th 2012

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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 5:31pm

Randomization is the way to go. Gun master is too stale now, and it just comes down to who can get the luckiest Jackhammer/JNG/LVG run in while everyone else is stuck. Everyone gets the same weapons, but they are different each time. You have to adapt to the new weapon and form new strategies each game, making it much more interesting. This also changes the system they have a bit, only 2 pistols I want to weapon ranges to vary more. Maybe the first person to reach the next weapon gets to choose for everyone? This makes it so a player can look at weapons that have similar playstyles but different attachments.

1. Semi auto pistol: [MP443 / M9 / G17C] Weapons can get tac, laser, supp.
2. More powerful pistol: [93R / G18 / M1911 / REX / Magnum]
3. Lighter, slowish LMGs: [QBB / MG36 / RPK] Get slightly stronger sights like PKA or American Holo. MG36 gets heavy barrel, others get supp. This makes it so they can lose to pistols up close but beat them if played well.
4. Heavy LMGs: [LSAT / M60 / PKP / M240B] With flash supp / supp that can vary.
5. Slower PDW: [PP2k / UMP / PDW-R]
6. Faster PDW: [AS VAL / P90 / M5k / Mp9]
7. Short range Carbine: [MTAR / A-91]
8. Longer range carbine: [ACR / Scar]
9.Choice of full auto shotty with slugs or semi w/ flechette. Scopes and attachment vary.
10. Pump action, 870 gets flechette, Spas gets slugs.
11. Short range AR [AEK / F2k / FAMAS]
12. Long Range AR [L85 / Scar-l / AK]
13. Burst Fire AR [KH / AN-94]
14. Semi Auto sniper w/ 3.4 Scope [MK Mod o / M39 / SKS / M417] Scopes and laser will vary
15. Bolt Action w/ 4x Scope [M40 / Sv98 / JNG / L96] Scopes and laser/bipod/spb will vary from gun to gun.
16. C4
17. Knife

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: May 16th 2012

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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 5:57pm

Ok...seems like it´s on me to do the first troll/derp rotation :D

1. G18 silenced

2. 93R

3. .44 magnum (have fun with that amount of fast firing pistols around you...SUPPRESION TIME!!)

4. PP-19 (silencer / damage and 4x scope??? hell yeah!)

5. AS VAL (Russian 7x scope...VSS on CQ maps FTW!)

6. 870 CMS (frag rounds / flashlight...I don´t think I need to say anything)

7. USAS-12 (frag rounds / extended mag...Explosions...EXPLOSIONS!!!!...EXPLOOOSSIIIIOOOOONSSS!!!!!!!!!!!)

8. SG 553 (PK-A can´t make this a terrible weapon...)

9. SCAR-H (Grip / Hbar / 6x rifle scope...Recoil...)

10. G3A3 (Grip / Hbar / 6x rifle scope...MOAR Recoil...)

11. AN-94 (silencer...speaks for itself)

12. M60 (exmags / grip...Rambo time!!!)

13. Type 88 (this gun doesn´t need anything...straight up best LMG in BF3)

14. QBU-88 (silencer / grip / iron sights...A: do you see the enemy?? B: nope)

15. M98B (Bipod / 12x scope...A: do you see him now??? B: yep, he is not well shaved today...)

16. M320 LVG (we all love this gun, don´t we :D )

17. EOD Bot (knife is just too mainstream)

To be honest...I really wnat to play with this setup just for fun :D

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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 5:59pm

Defib (Great idea, dont lie)


The game would never end, hahaha :)

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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 8:15pm

Server admins should be able to set their own gun master hierarchy / tree. Having one, static set of weapons gets stale so fast. I can't understand how the Niklas Fegraeus overlooked this.

I'd definitely enjoy playing Gunmaster with some of the aforementioned weapons as opposed to a pistol only server where someone pulls out an AEK and everything goes to shit.


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Saturday, July 7th 2012, 10:36pm

Would be awesome if they implemented this. Actually a rank ladder that changes between maps would be great...You know...Like in CSS...Or even BlOps :pinch:

Either way:

G18 Supp
.44 Scoped
UMP (--, --, Silencer)
MP7 (Holo, Extended Mags, --)
870 (--, --, Flechette)
USAS (M145, --, Slugs)
QBZ-95B (RDS, HBar, Laser)
M4 (Kobra, HBar, --)
L85A2 (--, Flash Suppressor, ---)
KH2002 (Russian Holo, Bipod, Suppressor)
T88 (Kobra, Foregrip, Silencer)
M60 (---, Bipod, Extended Mags)
M39 EMR (Iron Sights, Foregrip, laser)
M98B (12x, Straight-Pull Bolt, Torch)
M320 Smoke (1 kill)
Knife (1 kill)

This'd be fun :)

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