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Thursday, July 5th 2012, 9:41pm

I got a double kill with the Mk3A1 with one mag. GAWD that thing SUCKS!!!

Was that in Gun Master?
It sucks either way but its slightly more awesome if you were forced to use Frags :D
No, it was with flechette on ziba tower.

Actually Flechettes are even worse in it than Frags so well done :P
Yes. I did that and went holy SHIT! It didn't take 7 shots to kill a guy! LOL
I got a double kill with the Mk3A1 with one mag. GAWD that thing SUCKS!!!
I've gotten 3+ kills with it :D Operation Metro, u so fluffy.
I have much to learn from you, MASTER

So I saw your sig and wondered if you still use the MK after the consecutive nerfs? Or have you not given up on what was once a great gun?


I say what I want to say and I do what I want to do.
There is no in between.
People will either love you for it or hate you for it.
Inspired by Mickey

LOL Riesig

Riesig seems like the type of person that would jack off in public and think nothing of it.
He does. And people join him anyways.
What, NO!

And then later:

Fapping and lifting 5 gallons of water is dumb.

Also, because i'm skinny asian.


My worst fear is not being able to make any more threads.