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Monday, July 9th 2012, 8:22pm

As being a clan leader several times back in the day for R6 and several others, having more than 12 people who can show up at the right time to play competitive is almost impossible. especially when they are asking for 16/32 for a match... that's just insane. You can count off a good 80% of the groups that are into that. This isn't World of Warcraft, and we aint no raiding with 40 people anymore LOL.

The weapon bans are just hilarious, I guess it's their way of keeping it honorable, but honestly its just them cowardly because everyone will just use the M16/KH2 and thats about it.
They want it competitive, 4v4, each person chooses one class of the four. Than it would be interesting. Limit the guns to Core, no expansion guns, no IR, and I'd say no slug rounds and it would be quite interesting to watch.

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: Dec 14th 2011

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Monday, July 9th 2012, 9:38pm

Battlefield NEEDS official competitive matches.

The competition would help DICE figure out all the flaws in their model of gaming.

1) The spawn system SUCKS donkey booty. A TDM game on the world stage would be embarressing for DICE. Even if they could fix the spawn system, TDM is just not fun to watch.

2) Victory in any game mode besides TDM relies on map control and the maps are huge in conq, and rush (compared to other games). Control of that much turf means coordination is necessary BETWEEN squads. This is impossible unless the squads are in a room together. In competition squads would be in a room together. Not a problem. However the problem is that thousands of people play BF where there is no coordination between squads (i.e. chaos). Competition would prove that DICE made a game where victory depends on total team effort AND THERE IS NO MECHANISM IN PLACE TO FACILITATE FLUID COMMUNICATION BETWEEN SQUADS. The tools for teamwork are lacking. People watching the competition would see they can't even come close to replicating the success seen in competitive play unless the whole team was in the same room. The new found realization of chaos would be frustrating.

--Why can't i see the distribution of kits on my team? How many recon, support, engi, assault.
--Why isn't there some way to label locations on the map as goals, sniper nest, etc.
--How many engis are running javalin? How many recons have soflam?

These are just 3 basic questions that are important in TEAM based play. I'm sure some of you could think of dozens more. And this information is impossible to get while playing a random game. One would have to go and tap people on the shoulder and ask them.

3) Some weapons and devices just plain don't work the way they should. The over powered weapons would be banned from competition and the under powered weapons wouldn't be used. Competitors wouldn't use devices that work like crap. A competitor screaming "This bipod thing SUCKS!" would be heard all the way around the world. Then DICE would realize that they wasted time designing and coding shit most people don't want to use in the first place. Call it OP or unbalanced or whatever terms you want, people use the M16 because is just plain better than the other assault rifles and carbines.

Competition would be a lovely thing for BF simply because it would help hold DICE more accountable to decisions the make.

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