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Dutch masterrace


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: Mar 24th 2012

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Location: I am from Holland. Isn't that vierd? Yesh!


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Thursday, August 16th 2012, 6:45pm

Ok, i watched his TDM video, and, no, he's not a cheater. In fact, he's far from one. Compared to the best i've seen, especially competitively, he's a really bad aim. Lots of unnecessary bodyshots, burst into nothingness, etc. He's just cautious and has good spatial and situational awareness.

Sums up me perfectly. Only you know, worse.…how/35157069/1/

139-0 in 64 player metro? is this possible?

Makes me wonder having read that.

I guess it's possible, I checked his stats and he's not using an aimbot or damage modifiers, those would be obvious. (Based on accuracy percentage, his was 20% which is good but very possible. And hit/kill ratio, which was about 7:1 which is normal.)
Though of course he could still be using wall-hacks, 'radar'-hacks or something along those lines. But I also noticed he had almost as many revives as he had kills.

My guess is, he's a good player, mainly playing Metro and CQ maps, and usually playing with friends/clanmates who can keep him alive. His 139-0 probably doesn't mean he didn't die, just that he had someone to revive him every time.

Wow, you quoted an old comment, i was so cute back then. :love:

Implying you're not cute currently.

You will see once i post my picture in the post your picture thread.

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: Jul 6th 2012

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Sunday, August 24th 2014, 5:41am

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