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Friday, January 15th 2016, 1:43pm

Guide: Aggressive Recon, Close-Quarters (CQ)

This guide is meant to pass on some of the most successful Recon strategies I've learned over the last several years playing Battle Field 3, Close Quarters.

Specifically this guide will detail the following:

What is an Aggressive Recon (CQ)?
Situational Awareness
Spawn Beacon (Radio)
Best Weapons
Suggested Attachments
Hand Guns
Essential Perks
Other Notes

AR (Aggressive Recon)
First off an AR isn't a Bush-Wookie but rather a specialist at aggressive area denial. Rather then camping or laying prone, AR's "patrol" the area adjacent their TUGS. (A.K.A Lurking) Ideally, the AR can intercept and setup ambush points for enemies coming into the TUGS sphere of influence. Thus preventing / denying an enemy access to or through a strategic location.

SA (Situational Awareness)
Is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regards to the Objective(s). More simply put, it's knowing what is going on around you before the enemy does. Now as such, SA is a huge aspect of BF3-CQ, far more then what casual players often realize. Being aware of whats going on before the opposing team does can allow you to quickly pre-fire on enemies well before they can see you coming. In other words, by pre-firing, it allows you to minimize your TTK (Time To Kill) on your enemy while reducing the amount of time they have to react / avoid your attack.

TUGS (Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor)
The TUGS can automatically spot targets (duh) but what people don't realize is that this effect is three dimensional (x,y & z). On with a multi-floor structure or map, placing the TUGS on the middle floor / level can provide spotting for the floors above and below it. However the limitation is that the spotted enemies are not shown to you or your team, unless your or your team is on the same level as the spotted enemy. Hence it's often a good idea to frequently change floors to check if enemies are attempting to flank over or under your current position. Beyond this, the single biggest issue I see with the TUGS is, placement. Either it's difficult to drop where you want it or finding a location that both provides good sensor coverage while hiding the TUGS location can be a real pain. Best thing to do is practice on a low population server with placement until you have a reasonable idea of what works for you.

SB (Spawn Beacon)
The SB allows you and your team mates to spawn at the location of your choosing but very often the tactical importance of this ability is overlooked. By having the SB nearby its possible to keep pressure on a strategic location or objective and thus keep the opposing team off-balance. What's the reason for this imbalance? Simply put, when a player re-spawns often they're required run around / through much of the map to get to the contested objective. This wastes precious time as well as risks the players team getting caught in a Spawn Trap. (Example: Ziba-Tower's Objective "A") What is a spawn trap you ask? Well, the team caught in a Spawn-Trap will be forced to spawn over and over again at the same location, while running the gauntlet to get clear from their spawn location. (A.K.A Turkey-Shoot) More often then not, the team taking Ziba-Tower's Objective "A", loses the round. Lastly, the direction you place the spawn beacon down is the direction you will spawn. Careful placement allows you a remote view of an area and may allow you to ambush unsuspecting enemies.

Something that I feel is largely overlooked is the ability to re-size and scale the MM to suit the situation. Enlarging the MM as shown in the below link (Double normal size), can definitely help you see whats going on and thus provides an advantage most players ignore.


To Enlarge the map, press "M", to re-scale / zoom the map press "N".

Best Weapons
Flat out the best overall Close-Quarters weapons are those with high impulse. Now I'm sure your wondering what i mean by this? In a nutshell, this refers to weapons with a high damage-to-shot ratio.

- Keep in mind that the majority of all engagements in CQ are within 10m and this doesn't account for extended clips available to some weapons

Impulse Formula: Damage (DMG) x Clip-Size (CS) = Potential damage / Impulse

FAMAS: 25 DMG, CS 26, Impulse = 650
AEK-971: 25 DMG, CS 31, Impulse = 775
M16A4: 25 DMG, CS 31, Impulse = 775
M417: 50 DMG, 21 CS, Impulse = 1050
UPM45: 34 DMG, CS 26, Impulse = 884

As you can clearly see with weapons such as the M417 and the UPM-45, they have a significant advantage over some of the other more commonly played (Assault) weapons. Further more, both weapons have relatively large clips, reload quickly, excellent hip-fire, high to moderate suppression and recoil is easily manageable. Only LMG's can have a higher Impulse and that's only because LMG's can carry 100 + rounds.

Suggested Attachments
M417: Kobra Red-Dot-Sight (RDS), Suppressor (Don't show on mini-map when firing)
UMP-45: Reflex Red-Dot-Sight (RDS), Laser Sight (improved hip-fire), Suppressor (Don't show on mini-map when firing)

- Low magnification Kobra sight is advised as this allows the M417's preferential vision to remain open, while providing red 3-prong cross reticle that's not available with iron-sights.
- Avoid the M417's fore-grip as the loss of accuracy really isn't worth the improved horizontal recoil. (Weapon has high vertical recoil)
- The damage drop-off from the suppressor is minimal as most CQ fights are within 20 meters. Even still it's worth having it for no other reason(s) then to remain off the enemies mini-map, while significantly reducing the weapons recoil.
- The Laser-Sight can give away your position while your in dark locations. Please be sure to toggle it off "T" to avoid detection.[/size]

Hand Guns
My preferred weapon here is the G18 simply due to its high rate of fire, large clip size and quick reload. This comes in very handy when your caught reloading your primary and must quickly swap to the secondary to engage the enemy. Despite the high rate of fire, I'd suggest manually burst firing between 3-5 rounds (in rapid succession) to keep the pistols recoil manageable while conserving ammo as much as possible. Now while there are some that say other pistols are better or have this and that attachment. In my opinion what it all comes down to volume of fire. When you need it most, the G18 can blow though its entire clip at close range with a high % chance of killing the target outright. This is something that the other pistols don't do well, especially when your in a panic and must whip / spin around to engage a target.

Essential Perks
Perks are something which are often overlooked but can really have a significant impact on the outcome of a battle.
Case in point, the Suppression perk...

Quote From: Suppression - Battlefield Wiki - Wikia
"While suppressed, a soldier's vision will blur and lose focus, he will call out for help, experience a noticeably large increase of scope sway and hip fire spread, and as of the 1.04 patch (March 2012) a substantial increase in recoil and bullet spread. Suppression cancels any automatic health regeneration, but not recovery due to a nearby med-kit."

Now the real advantage of suppression that a recon is most interested in is that suppression greatly affects a players physical aim and hip fire. This effect is so potent that an enemy standing in close proximity (while suppressed) can often miss, even whilst spraying the entire clip. This allows the Aggressive Recon to frequently avoid damage they'd otherwise receive. Beyond that, the other perks are really just a matter of preference, unless your squad requests a something specific.

Other Notes
Another thing to consider here is that due to the limitations of the games tick-rate and the variability of an internet connection, it may be possible to see an enemy come into view on the MM a moment before they are physically in view. By knowing this and carefully monitoring the MM, it's possible to sometimes dodge fire, knife attempts and pre-fire the enemy well before they realize whats going on. Beyond this knowing the map and how best to use windows to flank an enemy can often allow you to wipe-out an entire squad before they realize where the fire is coming from.

Lastly and most importantly... Play an Aggressive Recon as you would an Assault class, not a Sniper! No camping, keep mobile, and get in your enemies face. Keep in mind that have the ability to see where your enemies are, suppress them and in many cases out-damage them. This gives you every advantage possible with a one-on-one confrontation as well as allowing you to flank and successfully engage large groups (if done correctly).



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Tuesday, November 1st 2016, 6:25pm

Good stuff... +1 rep

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Tuesday, November 1st 2016, 10:33pm

I always run with Squad Cover since it is the only thing that improves your actual ability in a gunfight.




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Wednesday, November 2nd 2016, 12:52am

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