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Wednesday, May 30th 2018, 10:01am

Sjögren Slug hipfire accuracy

I have been swapping between Sjögren and Model 10-A slug variants a lot. The former feels like it has better hipfire accuracy, and I have been aching to confirm this once Symthic gets updated.

According to the stats though, the two weapons don't differ in terms of spread, at all. Weird thing is, the Sjögren does have a noticably tighter crosshair vs the Model 10-A.

Has the crosshair misled me? Anyone else feel like the stats don't seem to represent in-game performance? Is the Model 10-A more accurate from the hip than I'm willing to give it credit?

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Wednesday, May 30th 2018, 5:07pm

Thread enabled.

Hmm... The stats seem to be otherwise correct (damage wise). The crosshair used to be somewhat off from what the weapon's spread really is, but this was fixed ages ago.

Anybody else got comment on this?
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