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Saturday, September 23rd 2017, 10:11am

Also not strictly related to this but is there nothing for the C-93 carbine in the comparison lists? Or did I miss it somehow?

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: Dec 24th 2011

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Saturday, September 23rd 2017, 12:28pm

The vast majority of people probably still don't even know that the Mle 1903 Extended exists. So, definitely an oversight on the "bastard" weapon category, it would seem.

Even if DICE wouldn't completely rework the animations (for loading individual rounds), I'd still like to see the last round ejected and then followed by a full clip reload for the Mondragon, Cei-Rigotti, Autoloading 8 .35, and Selbstlader 1906. And same with reloading with six rounds left in the magazine for the first two.