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Tuesday, January 24th 2017, 6:38pm

However I can recall seeing a clip where somebody kills a teammate by throwing medpack on them in BF4 (I think killfeed even listed that kill), but can't seem to find the clip now.

I surely remember it was possible to destroy buildings with the medbag in BF3 and kill enemies this way.


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Tuesday, January 24th 2017, 8:06pm

Aaaaaand now the Trench Periscope.

Is every gadget a gun?

"In Verdun, everything we could get our hands on was a gun..."
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Tuesday, January 24th 2017, 9:06pm

Sounds like either easter-egg-ish thing ("lol" weapon) or some kind of an ad-hoc solution regarding usage of gadgets. Gadgets might require proper FiringFunc with properly defined attributes (e.g. projectiledata), and for some reason they just use existing melee one. Impossible to say for sure.

Either way, yay for more derping around in battlefield ^^. Kolibri, syringe (OP if you ask me) and repair tool were getting bit dull.

That seems likely. I suppose it's likely that any gadget that doesn't "fire"/throw something has this mechanic, or some similar one.

The Syringe is definitely silly as it is. I though I'd have trouble going for those five kills for the dog tag, but it was easier than using most guns in CQB, and definitely better than any melee weapon. If it forced a charge to kill (as it does), but also didn't let you hold the charge by automatically "firing" when fully charged, that could solve its silliness. Trigger delay, basically.
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Wednesday, January 25th 2017, 10:56am

Aaaaaand now the Trench Periscope.

Is every gadget a gun?

Don't worry, if it isn't I'm sure it will end up being a vehicle.

My personal favorite is when they step it up thou. When projectiles become vehicles.

But yeah, the gas mask is a strange strange gadget as far as client side files go.

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