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thank mr skeltal


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Monday, April 10th 2017, 7:00pm

April 10th Update - New Premium Map Trench on CTE

cte_initiatives/map01_trench - battlefield_live
A new night-time trench map to be tested on the CTE has just been announced and can be downloaded right now.
DICE is accepting input on all aspects of the map so it's probably a very early build.

An overhead view First Look at New WIP Battlefield 1 Map - MP_Trench (Nivelle Nights) - YouTube.
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Monday, April 10th 2017, 9:09pm

I used to expect night maps to be free content. Maybe because this isn't based on an existing map this is no longer the case.

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Tuesday, April 11th 2017, 12:39am

Small Idea for Developers to consider for this new map. Back in World War 1, sometimes at night the soldiers would switch out dead tree's in no man land with hollowed out ones in there place. Then they would dig out a tunnel underneath it so that they could get to it without going over the trench. These tree's were only use as a means of gathering intelligent from enemy activity from an observation post inside the tree so that one guy can sit in there and look out a small slit to allow binocular usage.

My thought it this, to have these hollowed out tree's scattered around the map, and the access point is a hole in the ground nearby that allows a single player to get into it. But the hole has to be inconspicuous and has to be a random spawning location for these tree's each map session. You don't have to have all spawn points filled out for these tree's but to make sure they are not in the same place each time. This would give a player time to make use of this tree so that the opposing side doesn't always know where he is. This hollowed out tree in the new map can also allow the player to shoot out of the slit so that it can take out enemy troops. As well as having the option to use binocular while inside so that a coordinated team effort of marking the enemy so that your team mates can shoot them.

As to how the defeating this hollow tree idea I'll leave it up to the developers. Maybe a player can try to find the hole that leads to the hollow tree so that they can crawl in and melee the enemy at the top of the tree. Or allow a well place grenade throw into the slit of the hollow tree to kill the player.

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Tuesday, April 11th 2017, 5:07pm

A premium only map that's not part of any DLC? How is that supposed to fit into the typical server map rotation? Unless DICE is planning to put up premium only servers with a mix of old and new maps, I doubt such a map will see much play after the first weeks.

I hope premium only is a misunderstanding at it will be available to all and added to the regular server rotation after 2 weeks, like Giant's Shadow.

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