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Sunday, March 18th 2018, 9:10am

Well, I'd be a tad disappointed if Medic and Support get no further love. There's been too much catering towards Assault few quite a few consecutive titles now, and perhaps now Scout in Battlefield 1. Hell, there's not even "Deluxe Edition" versions of select vanilla Medic and Support guns. I'm sure you'd love some sort of special Huot Low Weight that commemorates Canada's, or a specific squad/platoon/battalion/company/whatnot of such, war efforts, Uri. Although, to be completely fair, those are really just for flaunting at players that most likely don't have them. Almost pointless, in a sense. Almost.

I'm actually a bit confident that we'll eventually get more new guns, but for right now, it's just MUCH easier to create new variants for the DLC guns that only have a single variant. And these new variants are pretty dope, if I say so myself. Battlefield 2018 is still over half of a year away.

The straight-pull bolt of the Gewehr M.95 and Ross MkIII actually kind of devalues the Infantry (and somewhat Carbine) variants of such. For instance, the Ross MkIII Infantry and Marksman really have the same ADS rate of fire. However, with the SMLE MkIII Infantry and Marksman, the latter requires one to endure an extra 300 milliseconds between aimed shots, and the chambering of the next round, which requires you to drop your scope, may make you lose your target when you're aimed back in.

Ross MkIII Marksman time between ADS shots: 0.952666... seconds

SMLE MkIII Marksman time between ADS shots: 1.432666... seconds

As you can see, the Ross MkIII Marksman literally has a 50% higher ADS rate of fire than the SMLE MkIII Marksman, and it doesn't suffer the same potential issue with target reacquisition.

Of course, so many people want an Infantry variant of every single manual-action rifle, and that's understandable due to the WW1 theme. Nonetheless, that doesn't always make Infantry variants overly practical gameplay choices. The much-requested M1903 Infantry, without being merged with the M1903 Experimental as originally planned, would be quite laughable. Likewise, a Ross MkIII Sniper would have been awesome, considering that whatever praise the actual thing gets is mostly pointed towards its stellar accuracy along with the amazing ballistics of the .280 Ross cartridge (which was mostly used in civilian versions). I would have loved a .280 Ross sniper rifle with a straight-pull bolt, bipod, 81 flat damage at all ranges, 60 rounds per minute, 880 m/s muzzle velocity, and a 0.002 drag coefficient. That would make for a nasty bush wookie rifle, even if I usually don't condone such a play style.

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Sunday, March 18th 2018, 11:04am

I mostly want it because I hate all the Marksman variants. They feel so useless.

Such a weak scope and no bipod makes shooting at serious distances a pain and the distances where the scope is helpful are close enough to where I can just eyeball it with iron sights anyway. So the way I see it you might as well take the Infantry version and not hurt yourself in close range with the scope.

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Tuesday, March 20th 2018, 12:13am

To go back to the original question: my money is squarely that these guns will be released exactly how the 300-kill variants were rolled out the last time we got new variant toys. In fact, I would be shocked if it wasn't a similar kill-grind with the factory variant to get these new variants.