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Wednesday, March 14th 2018, 2:32pm

[Controller] sensitivity settings, and how they're broken even more.

Cross-posting this with the CTE subreddit because people here will probably care more. And because @BleedingUranium made a thread here that mentioned this but didn't cover the full picture. I'd just post it there but it says I shouldn't necro, so I won't.

I'll start with TL;DR because I'm not good at explaining.


100% zoom sensitivity = 100% vertical sensitivity, 60% horizontal senstivity.

167% zoom sensitivity = 167% vertical sensitivity, 100% horizontal sensitivity.

Muscle memory = inconsistent.

Only happens with controllers, mouse is not affected.

The issue appears in retail, CTE (unless fixed with the latest patch) and Incursions, on PC and PS4. Most likely on Xbox as well. Only affects controllers. No settings fix it (Uniform Soldier Aiming on/off, different coefficient, stick acceleration, deadzones, etc.). The following assumes stick acceleration set to 0% as having it on messes with everything and would need another post.

In most console (controller) games horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) axes senstivity are different. The Y-axis is usually less sensitive. It happens with hip-fire and ADS. That's been the case with Battlefield as well.

In Battlefield 1 the X and Y-axis don't work as you'd expect:

- In hip-fire the Y-axis is 60% of the X-axis hip-fire sensitivity.
- In ADS both Y and X-axes are 60% of the X-axis hip-fire sensitivity.

What this means is that the values are off and mess with your muscle memory.

[If your ADS sensitivity slider is set to 100% then only the Y-axis is going to be at 100%. The ADS X-axis is going to be 60% of the hip-fire X-axis.](

As @BleedingUranium has figured out if you want your ADS (X-axis) to be (as close as possible to) 100% of the hip-fire sensitivity you need to set the ADS sensitivity slider to be 167%.

But that's not the proper solution and it doesn't eliminate the actual problem. If you do that, now the ADS Y-axis is going to be 167% of the hip-fire Y-axis. You're just shifting the problem from X-axis to Y-axis. You're going from X-axis being not sensitive enough to Y-axis being too sensitive. That's just as bad or arguably even worse.

Battlefield 4 didn't have that problem. It had uniform modifiers in hip-fire and ADS (I assume also 0.6 for both but one can only speculate).

Thanks to the settings _jjju_ has added, Battlefield 1 has possibly the best aiming mechanics of any console game but it's really held back from being perfect by this huge oversight*.

Simply "fixing" this issue might be a bad idea. You can either remove hip-fire Y-axis multiplier or ADS X-axis multiplier. In both cases you're going to upset people. Either the ones that prefer hip-fire sensitivity or those that prefer ADS sensitivity.

So, please, add separate sliders for hip-fire/ADS X and Y-axes sensitivity. It's the only way you can allow people to fix it themselves without messing with existing muscle memory of those that don't care.

*Surely it wasn't introduced by an oversight. I have some theories, but we can only speculate.

Oh and it's got nothing to do with UsA or pixel travel time or whatever because I have only tested it on 1x zoom with ADS FOV scaling on. Measuirng it by both 360s and pixel movement is going to show the same results there.

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