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Sunday, March 4th 2018, 8:12pm

I'll miss the graphics. But they will be more pretty in the next BF presumably...

I'll miss... well... nothing actually. BF1 was in every aspect the lesser of BF4. A major leap backwards in teambalancing even. And the vehicle gameplay was a joke in BF1 tbh. The behemoths were a bad idea. BF1 was more like Battlefront than Battlefield.

The maps in BF1... I wont miss them either, none of them were memorable to me except for one: Nivelle Nights. The TSNP DLC was the least bad, with In the name of the Tsar as the worst. That DLC had the worst maps (but Galicia was a really nice try).

I find it odd that the zerg-system arose in BF1 conquest and PTFO-ing wasnt as fun anymore. DICE never tried to change that anymore. RIP conquest.
RIP Sraw

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Monday, March 5th 2018, 9:13am

One thing I forgot about that is the #1 for the next is the fact that BF1 eliminated selfish recons using planes as taxis so they could get up to stupid places. I hope the pilot kit mechnic returns. Perhaps if it is a modern setting, PDWs could be the primary weapons.
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Monday, March 5th 2018, 6:58pm

I actually thought the DLC weps filled a lot of niches and were pretty unique. With a few MAJOR exceptions I think some of the DLC maps are my favorites as well. I guess I could still play them on Op campaigns without DLC now but still. Got the game + prem for 60 USD so I cant really complain.

Map tastes are highly subjective, that being said, I found BF1s offerings to be really lackluster compared to the nice range of maps BF3, BF4, BC2/BC2:VN offered. BF3/BF4 certainly had some duds and overall weak DLCs, but they had a nice array of maps to please all of the various tastes. BF1 seems to have failed at making sure everyone had a rotation of favourite maps, whether they favour CQB infantry-centric maps, or expansive vehicle maps. And certainly BF1 has had the worst expansive vehicle maps in franchise history.

Now, BF1 is absolutely worth it for all DLC at 60$, no question.

But. IMO, it absolutely wass not worth it at the day 1 base + DLC price, at least from my perspective and how I play.

I was very much expecting each DLC to offer a serious factional vehicle and factional vehicle maps, instead we got 1 tank, 1 armored truck that is less than mediocre on maps with tanks, 1 plane, and 1 boat with heavy vehicles being locked to the landship or truck for a large fraction of the DLC maps. The destroyer sucks. The Strategic heavy option is amazing. To me they really, really blew it with vehicles in BF1 by offering weapon-like selections but without any meaningful diversity. The lack of a Russian tank and a British medium is pathetic.

The DLC weapons were welcome, but with the current meta I'm usually using the AL8-0.25 or the RSC, or the Huot so they are largely irrelevant for me since I've had those with the base or the excellent DLC1.


Holy War? No Thanks.


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Tuesday, March 6th 2018, 9:22am

It is really crazy how angry I get when I read this thread. Not about the valid answers obsviously but how unenjoyable I find this game in basically all aspects. Even with the features that definitely worked like official servers caused more grief because it was the death of Battlefield communities.

That anger also carries over to my anticipation for the next game. There is no reason for them not to do all that crazy shit for the next BF game at all, they will still use the same close tie-in with Origin, the same horrible UI and they will still rely on official servers where anonymous players play against each other with no social interaction besides the chat, and they might even put a filter on that as well. They will introduce even more lootboxes, more obscure currency, all to clutter my UI even more and, even if it is cosmetic only, I can not even sell that stuff like I can with my PUBG crates and finance new games that way.

The game mechanics, albeit I do not like them, are obviously subjective. The whole structure around it, however, is objectively crap and DICE/EA does not acknowledge that.