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Tuesday, October 17th 2017, 9:39pm

That is also assuming those ideas for Suppressors is even good design.

No muzzle flash is fine.

No tracers is going to be annoying because we end up with the same situation as torpedoes in water right now: you cannot tell where they are going and cannot make adjustments for it. You are probably hurting yourself a lot more than you are helping. And if you are operating in a close enough distance for the lack of feedback to not matter, the range is probably too short for a tracer to have revealed you anyways.

No directional indicator can be mistaken as a bug and will probably be extremely frustrating for players to take damage but have no cue on how to retaliate. Depriving something as important as that specific counterplay cue is way too powerful.

No killcam is fairly innocuous but the killcam did not tell you very much to begin with. If your goal is to stay hidden, this feature is useless because killing someone makes them aware of your presence.

I highly doubt that the Suppressor will have any utility so long as stealth is not a core gameplay pillar of the franchise.

I agree that disabling damage indicators is a bad idea, and kill cam is insignificant either way, leaning slightly towards being bad because it could allow people to cheese from the same spot. Plus, it's there for good educational reasons.

Tracers could spawn on a delay (0,15 to 0,2 seconds). That way you can see what your bullets are doing at the ranges where that is going to matter, but at closer range (~40m with a delay of 150ms and a velocity of 270)
your shots will be invisible.

No tracers are somewhat powerful, even with directional damage indicators enabled, because it makes any other member of a group you are flanking less able to find your position, and, more importantly, notice that you are there, at least for some time, but milliseconds matter.

The delay thing is done in Bf4 actually.

Combined with no muzzle flash (and maybe noise that travels a shorter distance), that'd be reason enough for me to use it.

There is also more you could do with sound. For example, have it reach shorter than unsuppressed weapons (would reduce enemy awareness that you are in the area), but maybe have it extend the usual range in a cone where the player is looking, to enable counterplay for your targets, while remaining undetected by others.

Stealth may not be a core pillar, but having people be less aware where and that you are near is useful.

DICE could soften the penalty a bit too, not be so strict on ammo being subsonic.

Actually, how do suppressors affect the distance of which sound carries currently? Probably reduces range right, or is it just volume?

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Wednesday, October 18th 2017, 1:08am


I was talking more about how a certain user on BF4 CTE kept posting about how stealth needed to become a core pillar of the franchise and promoted the Suppressor not having a killcam as part of it.

They insisted that it'd help conceal your presence on a flag burn.

That is why I pointed out that A) the very fact you are on a burn announces your presence and B) so does killing someone whether or not they have a killcam.

Given the generally slow TTKs of BF1, it is perfectly reasonable for someone to respond to getting shot.

Keeping yourself off the mini map when killing people during a flag burn was a valuable contribution to survivability. It is the single most well-integrated solution to silencer performance vs drawbacks. Not showing on mini map passively is absolutely a stealth feature. But the removal of that from the game makes stealth not really a thing given the nature of flag bleeding advertising your presence, as you say

All other solutions for what the silencer can do are inferior perks to staying concealed on mini map.

You could make the directional hit indicator show up as a solid symbol of a different color to indicate engagement by a silenced weapon and that way it wouldnt look buggy. I still don't think you have time to respond much to the indicator in situations where someone would be effectively shooting at you with a silenced weapon though.

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Wednesday, October 18th 2017, 4:55am

i'm pretty sure that the ring the dude on reddit referred to is the one on the minimap, not the one you get when getting hit...

i mean, if he really didn't misspell that, that'd be quite op.
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Wednesday, October 18th 2017, 5:09am

i'm pretty sure that the ring the dude on reddit referred to is the one on the minimap, not the one you get when getting hit...

i mean, if he really didn't misspell that, that'd be quite op.

That was me, and I meant both. The whole idea was to hide all forms of letting your victim know where you are.
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