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Thursday, July 20th 2017, 5:55pm

An alternative to MGs' negative SIPS could be to make them utterly unmanageable off a bipod, and complete laser beams of death when deployed.

I actually rather like this idea, especially when the BF1 bipod bonuses are nowhere near as good as they should be.

WTF, I expect better from you, you have proven so many times your knowledge. This surprises me. You know how much focus in Battlefield movement now has!! Making MGs only useable on bipod is a death sentence then. No, dont do that.

Define where the MGs should be good at: mid to long range? You got that now.

You want to change FSSI and SIPS to make the first sequence of shots viable for surprise CQB? How about improving hipfire instead?

Hahaha I appreciate that, but using a Bipod, especially in BF1, doesn't mean you have to roleplay a turret and just sit there. Dropping prone or up against an object while standing/crouched, dropping an enemy or two, then immediately moving again before you even have time to reload is very doable, and quite effective.

I'm not saying we need to get rid of the negative SIPS model, I actually really like it and think it's the best tool for the job of making MGs useful in the situations and ranges they should be effective at, but it seems a number of people aren't as fond of it; I'm just trying to think of any other possibilities that accomplish similar results, and there aren't many.

You can buff the bipod into oblivion, you cant get better than 0 recoil, and zero spread. I wanted to prevent you from making the MGs worse when on foot.

The enormous second bullet spread is the issue for most players.

What's the problem of just decreasing the effect of it.

I would suggest something like what I quickly drawed in paint anyway, within the first four bullets min spread is reached, but 1st bullet has zero spread and the First Shot Spread applied on the second shot can be varied depending on the ROF of the weapon. But I didnt do any calculations. The idea isnt thought through anyway, since it would break the balancing of this french dlc rifle
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Friday, July 21st 2017, 1:41pm

The thing with giving LMGs "wind up" time is that it results in gunplay where it is absolute shit, that is you get killed before it winds up, or it is super good, that is its hit rate and damage on target is very high that it trumps everything else. And I am not a fan of such big difference in utility of guns. Also, this implies that its effectiveness depends on how bad your opponents are.