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Tuesday, June 6th 2017, 4:37pm

1895 Trench already carries 10 more rounds than the full size 1895, BTW.
Well, that's pretty obivious part of balancing due to weaker damage model.


IRL you won't need that much ammo.
And if you want that M1907 SL Factory to be much better variant - it should be changed to, maybe, storm version, because for me, on PC, I don't see a point to use other variants than Trench for M1907 SL.

Recovery on the Fact means that it can vaguely hit things beyond point blank (> 15m) without having to spread out timing of your shots to a totally useless degree.

You can debate whether or not that is useful over the awesome hipfire, but the real issue with the 1907 family is that you can swap between the Auto .35 and the Auto .25 and go from an awesome CQB gun to bestgun midrange with very similar shooting mechanics and sight picture.