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Yesterday, 3:41pm

Silly me didn't know you can fire both slugs at the same time. How do you do that? I am on console if that is matters.

Also while you have the ranking overall do you have the updated for the ranking of the weapons with out the ease of use and just for the time to kill and shooting/recovery score for the different ranges?

Also while I am asking, do you know of a source to check all the different optimal click/ fire rate for each gun?
Change the fire mode (on consoles, you press down on the D-pad IIRC). From what I've heard, there is actually like 1 frame between the shots, so it is subjext to spread increase and recoil.
"Double shot" fire mode is currently useless because second shot in "burst" is going straight to the sky:
SLUG - YouTube
Sorry for my bad english - it's not my native language and I have difficulties with acquiring speaking/writing practice in my country. If I accidently insult you or say something wrong - I'm sorry, you can feel free to correct me.

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Today, 5:07am

The 1900 slug shouldn't be listed as an assault "best gun". Both barrels cannot be shot simultaneously which makes its mid-range killing ability dubious at best. Additionally the iron sights are mediocre and slug velocity / spread are horrific.

As an aside I have to question the predictive power of any ranking system for the assault class that doesn't have the automatico trench firmly in position #1.

IMO Automatico factory is better. But yes.

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Today, 3:01pm

I think these rankings will be increasingly relevant with the new movement speeds. Off topic: anyone good with the 1900 slug have any methodological or tactical/strategical advice? I'd love to become proficient with it because it seems mechanically rewarding.

Update: Just unlocked it, my first round with it was one of the most fun rounds of battlefield I can remember. If they ever fix the burst glitch I will be irretrievably ecstatic. Even as it is now, it is perhaps the most fun gun. So for anyone wondering whether to unlock this one sooner or later; sooner. I love the precision and power. Though most of all I love the salience of each hit and miss. It gives a very crisp feedback mechanism, which is a core part of the learning process. Since imho, learning is the best part of any game, I can't emphasize enough how important that is. Also, doesn't hurt that you feel like Jason Bourne every time you use it. :thumbup:


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