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Tuesday, May 23rd 2017, 4:32pm

Don't listen to Cobalt. The problem arises at the many ranges at which the Frommer is not competent, and the rifle is not either.
Don't listen to the guy that has firsthand experience? In the infamous words of George R.R. Martin, "Well fuck you too."

I've been running the Stop for the last week or so and it's not just the range that I find the Stop suffers from: it's the capacity. Needing four or five shots to kill from an 7+1-shot magazine means that you have very little room for error -- even less so when you factor in moving targets and ADAD-spamming targets. Run through the magazine in order to give it that test-killing burst DPS, and you're looking at a two-second reload, which is basically a death sentence in CQB unless you did enough damage for a melée finisher. I still stand by my initial assessment that the Stop is a finisher pistol: compared to the other .32ACP sidearms it lacks an extra round in the magazine but gains a draw speed buff. With a draw speed like that (tied with the Bulldog for fastest in game) it's not meant to be a primary: it's meant to mop up after the primary.

The Pedersen trades that capacity problem for a fire rate problem: 359rpm isn't fast enough to make up for the lack of damage, and it simply gets shredded by the Assault and Support classes. I guess the way to get around that is to do the opposite of the Stop and run a No.3 alongside it: that way you have your big damage and can mop up with the Pedersen.

I encourage you to actually take a look at it in practice: break out of your Model 8 safe space for once and give it a good shakedown. Then do the same with the Stop, 1895 Trench, G.95, SMLE and (if you're feeling frisky) the Martini, and see how your overall effectiveness with each compares.

(BTW dumb OT question: why aren't the fire rates rounded off? I know there's a purpose but it looks odd.)
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The World Champion, on the Tactical Light:
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I'm completely serious. Well, seriously insane actually :P

If only more people left the wheel chair, adjustable hospital bed, and crutches behind and played HC. (aka Regen, Minimap, Killcam)

Natalia Poklonskaya:
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I swear to god if you reply with a picture of the AEK I'll mail you a buttplug shaped like one.

The one time when "it's only three inches" is a good thing.

How do you guys control your FAMAS burst length since it fires its mag in just 1,5 seconds))
I consider each magazine a burst. :/

This is Symthic, we don't do "feels" around here ;)