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Thursday, April 12th 2018, 11:39pm

Weekly Update:

1. One of the more under-appreciated things in the game is just how much nuanced detail the designers put in so many things... I like how when you die and immediately go change your loadout and look at a close-up of your weapon, it's splattered in blood... I love how the female Russian scout has a little box strapped to her back and even though it's in Cyrillic, the long blocks of text on that box are 100% readable... There's much more than this and I know I'm long overdue to finally start digging up some Easter Egg tags, but these two were on my mind...

2. Why doesn't anybody hardly use the Livens Projector? It's a million laughs and a really good way to troll an aggressive enemy...

3. Finally got the codex entries unlocked for the "new" bombers, and it took much longer than I thought... It seems now that the heavy bomber is the undisputed king and the regular one is obsolete...

4. How in the name of hell have I been sleeping on the pilot/tanker weapons for so long?? Why can't they be regular class weapons, since someone like the Scout is absolutely screaming for them??

5. Any special reason why the Yatangan sword is so popular? I'm getting killed with it in like 80% of my melee deaths...

6. Maybe it's just me, but did you know you can kill the driver of the mini-tank without destroying the tank? I chucked a limpet mine right on the front hatch as the tank passed by, and I had a free enemy tank for the rest of the round...

7. Since destroyed behemoths can become part of the battlefield, why don't more teams use this fact to their advantage? While defending the last part of Monte Grappa operations, the Italians positioned the about-to-die Goodyear Blimp right on the mountainside in front of our spawn, effectively blocking us from defending the fort and they capped it in like 30 seconds... All I could do was applaud their ingenuity. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could strategically beach and about-to-die battleship? Or would that be a little TOO cheesy?

8. Speaking of the Battleship, it seems the new conventional wisdom now is for the captain to keep the ship at such an extreme range that the big gun is the only weapon worth using while everyone else is outta luck since planes aren't leaving the objective to come bomb you a couple of times, and enemies aren't going to waste a full 60 seconds on the torpedo boat just to get in range... Evidently this technique works since three times I was a passenger on such a boat, and three times the round ended with the Battleship having at least 95% health left...

9. The AA rocket gun is also a million laughs against pesky pilots, but why do we even need a separate weapon? Why can't you just switch ammo shell type as needed (this same question goes for the mortar)

10. Officially finishing up my last weapon assignment, only need about 850m worth of headshots for the last scout rifle... I now also officially have one skin for each vehicle/weapon in the game, and 280 out of 301 codex entries complete... I mainly only have pilot/tanker weapons, locked melee weapons, and all the 500-kill entries remaining... Even though I'm an obsessive-compulsive completionist I won't be going for 301/301 because I draw the line at ever touching the kolibri, just on principle...

11. So, did anyone destroy a behemoth with the kolibri yet? Anybody bash a wine bottle over someone's head yet??