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  • "stan_albatross" started this thread

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: May 7th 2017

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Sunday, May 7th 2017, 2:53pm

New Reload Concept

Who would want this feature implemented?

A total of 12 Votes have been submitted.


Yes (5)


No (7)

The Aim
To make a better reload system for BF1, specifically for clip-fed guns (i.e. cei-rigotti, gehwehr ninety-eight)
The Idea
'Emergency Reloads'
In BF1 when reloading a clip-fed gun you put as many clips of 5 bullets in as you can (except C96 and Repeiterpistole 1912, with 10 and 8 bullets per clip respectively.). After these 5 you have to reload each bullet one by one (except Repeiterpistole 1912, where the remaining bullets are ejected). This can take a long time, incentivising players to fire off one extra shot so that they can double-clip reload and be ready, snipers missing out on a kill as they can't wait for 4 bullets loaded one by one, they want a quicker reload. My idea is that you should be able to reload a twin or single clip and discard the remaining bullets on the top of the clip. Take this example - a medic, using the cei-rigotti factory, has 1 bullet left in their magazine. They can either reload the normal way, with a clip of 5 and then 4 bullets by themselves, or the 'emergency' way, putting in two clips and discarding the one remaining bullet in the top of the clip. His ammo readout would go from 1/50 to 10/40, the extra bullet having been discarded.

Please provide feedback!

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: Dec 14th 2014

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Sunday, May 7th 2017, 5:08pm

While I see the annoyance from a player's perspective with the system, I dont see it as a problem. Just fire this round for the full reload or empty your magazine right away. This is an artificial thing, you dont need to pay for the bullet with RL money. And your accuracy stats will be insignificantly impacted.

And for fire-fights it teaches you a true mastery of the weapon, when to peek, when to look for cover. Basically the reload system forces a new set of skill demand upon the player.

Positioning is the most important skill in BF and I see why DICE wants to encourage this skill set through some kind of mechanic. Though, the reload system as a vehicle for this is a bad choice. It distracts the player from the actual goal - shooting.

In that perspective, I say that BF is very demanding on a very unintuitive reward. Nobody likes to reload. I love how quickly they are done in Titanfall or Overwatch.

btw. if the rifle has a larger ammo count, you usually require the entire ammo count in the first place to kill sb. So adding such a feature would just hurt even more for the high capacity rifles.

Yet, I dont recommend a type of "press this button in this way to receive Emergency Reload". A simple press of the fire button to abort single bullet reload is much better. But I dont want to be one of the animators then.
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: Feb 1st 2017

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Sunday, May 7th 2017, 8:05pm

Reload your gun properly and timely is part of your skill. This is like whether or not we want to cancel the different between Empty-reload and Tactical-reload. Manage your bullet count to receive get a better value (Speed) is something you should consider. It does not just press a bottom and throw it out of the window.