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: Feb 1st 2017

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Saturday, March 11th 2017, 3:42am


Honestly, this is quite a nice change from the idiotic rant he went on a couple of weeks back when using the 1906.
Probably just because the 360 RPM is actually helping him to win CQB fight, where 1906 has to suffer from the mostly average CQ-DPS; advantage range is awkward for an iron-sight only gun; 5-round; and his aggressive playstyle.

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: Dec 2nd 2013

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Saturday, March 11th 2017, 3:59am

60% accuracy is honestly not even -that- hard and kind of an exaggeration tbh, that's probably my only beef with his criticism of the Auto8

The other real negative thing I can say about this gun is that it teaches you really awful habits, like magdumping 3-5 rounds instantly. You get so used to taking out anyone extremely quickly with this strat, but it translates horribly to other SLRs (like the Selby M1916 Marksman). :(