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Wednesday, July 19th 2017, 3:00am

Interesting collection of weapons, I figured we would get Liu's Rifle and the Maxim SMG at some point but the Vetterli M1870 and Perino M1908 caught me off guard.

I feel like the Rolling Block would have been better than a single shot Vetterli and the Carcano makes more sense as a six shot rifle, I hope this means it will get the 4 round box mag and be a high capacity black powder rifle.
I'm not sure how I feel about the Perino, on one hand it looks badass but I can't figure out how you would fire it standing let alone aim down sights thanks to its trigger placement.

This image is probably what inspired DICE to make it a primary but the trigger is on the back of the gun so this guy is doing nothing but hold the gun in a cool way.
EDIT: I guess you could fire it in the way this guy is firing a St. Etienne

I swear to god if the Obrez is a Carbine I will be pissed(unless DICE wants to make Carbines all class primaries at some point).

Dice has made up all sorts of stuff like foregrips, mounted sights, etc for all of the other guns so they can just make up some "alt-history" stock/grip system here too.

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Wednesday, July 19th 2017, 3:27am

When I first time heard about "Obrez" I was wondered why DICE is adding another Sawed-off in the game, until I figured out that it was "Mosin Obrez".So there is side note from Russian-speaking person: when you talk about Mosin Obrez, please, call it "Mosin Obrez" or "Mosin-Nagant Obrez", because "Obrez" alone in Russian language is often referred to "Sawed-off" in general or "Sawed-off double-barreled shotgun" in 90s era.
Aslo, it's painful to hear word "Tsar" pronounced as /za:r/ instead of /tsa:r/. I know, that /za:r/ is a correct way to pronounce Tsar in English language, but in Russian language there is only one way how to pronounce it - /tsa:r/.
Sorry for my bad english - it's not my native language and I have difficulties with acquiring speaking/writing practice in my country. If I accidently insult you or say something wrong - I'm sorry, you can feel free to correct me.

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Wednesday, July 19th 2017, 6:19am

Yeah, I got excited and jumped at the "news." Hence why I edited "seemingly" and "supposedly" into my last post. I'd say it's pretty plausible, but I'll wait for some extra confirmations. Sorry.

Here's my take.

The "Maxim SMG," which I like to affectionately dub the "Mini Maxie," actually uses a single, not separate, eight-column stripper clip.

It'll likely be like another Hellriegel M1915 with probably a lower rate of fire. Or like a high-capacity MP18?

With the General Liu, I hope they would go the RSC 1917 route, honestly. Perhaps it should statistically be put between the RSC 1917 and Russian 1895 Trench. However, it'd then have an alternate firing mode that turns it into a straight-pull rifle with 50%-60% increased damage, but with about halved the rate of fire. It'd practically be a Russian 1895 Trench, RSC 1917, and Gewehr M.95 all wrapped into one. Of course, it'd still need to be balanced.

The Peroni M1908 seems like it'd be more-or-less a Support version of the Sentry's MG 08/15, with ADS of course. In terms of variants, it'd be great to see one fed with said 25-round stripper clip and one fed via pictured belt.

The Vetterli M1870 seems like it'd mostly be a low-velocity bolt-action rifle. I wonder how DICE would make it interesting. Personally, I would have gone with the Berdan II, and thus have another single-shot rifle alongside the Martini-Henry.

Obrez. Well, I wanted to see a manual-action Pilot/Tanker weapon for quite a while. The Obrez was the first from the era that came to my mind.

@Gecko99: DICE already seems to have the user shoulder the Vickers-Crayford "Rocket Gun." That's despite the so-called "stock" actually be the weapon's spade trigger group and rear iron sight. So, the Perino M1908 isn't that out-of-place in comparison.


Who I got the news from is a Phantom_Limb from the Battlefield forums. The German YouTuber Uri briefly mentioned, who also reported the same, is TacticalViper.

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Thursday, July 20th 2017, 5:07pm

So many new guns. Which means new assignments.

I'm excited, I've really been needing new stuff to do.