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  • "W1NG-_-NUTS" started this thread

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: Mar 8th 2014

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Friday, February 10th 2017, 3:54am

Medic CR Trench is a hidden gem

Howdy folks,

I am not a good 'infantry' player. My reflexes are slow, my aim is shit, I'm on PS4 and my recoil compensation is pretty terrible.

Having said all that, you folks should give the cellregotti[sp?] trench a try. Great hipfire, 3sk at ranges a medic should already be in if he's truly PTFOing, full auto is available at the flick of a switch for clearing buildings. and irons that don't make me want to take a hacksaw to my front sight post (I'm looking at you sweeper!)

I know technically there are 'better' rifles, but given all the flack the CR has gotten for being 'pointless', I beg to differ. My go to is usually the 1916 optical, but the low recoil with the CR lets me put 4 rounds on someone about as fast as I can land 3 with the 1916 at range.

It's a really nice gun that should get more play. Try it out.

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: Dec 8th 2013

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Friday, February 10th 2017, 5:59am

Scoring the BF1 Medic Rifles - Hipfire Section

Great hipfire

Actually, BEST Hipfire, shared with the M1907 Trench. The Winchester does have slightly higher max damage, plus the ease-of-use advantage that comes with being a mag-fed gun with a huge magazine. The Rigotti counters with better Velocity, better H-Recoil, and only goes up to 4BTK and thus will not be completely useless when you have to ADS.

My take on the Cei-Rigotti Trench vs. M1907 Sweeper, in Hipfire only:

Shooting: 125.1240079 vs. 110.7717803

Recovering: 132.0684524 vs. 119.1051136

Reloading: 54.57800578 vs. 92.02898551

V-Recoil: 82.88548753 vs. 90.37472944

Velocity: 87.5 vs. 71.25

Overall: 483.5306089 vs. 482.1559536

I think the Cei-Rigotti Trench is 9.10% better at killing, while the M1907 Sweeper is 9.56% easier to use. I don't think you will be wrong with either, though one should always strive to move away from use-of-use and toward better innate performance.