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Friday, January 27th 2017, 2:29am

Alternate optical sights

So the optical sights we see in game are called Galilean glass sights. they had a 2x magnification
Lee Enfield,Galilean, sniper sight,by George Gibbs Bristol | #488967763

The rear sight looks more like a Pattern 14 SMLE sight

These sights were tested and fielded by the British in small numbers but they were not the only nation to field glass optics. Nor was the Galilean sight the only optic used

This would be an axis power counterpart to the galilean sights:
Wwi Austrian Mannlicher Steyr M95 Rifle Night Sights Set | What's it worth

these sights were used by the astro Hungarians on the M95 rifle

Also the neil offset optical sights were fielded

I wonder if and how these would be implemented into BF1. Nonetheless I think it would be cool.
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