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Sunday, February 5th 2017, 11:57pm

If there was a BAR with a bipod and a 40rd mag, there'd be little reason to use anything else. A Low Weight BAR (irons and bipod) would be similarly OP.

A bipod on the Saltblaster 1916 marksman would get obnoxious as well.

Stuff like this is reason for the restrictivness of the variant system, IMO.
I dont see how a low weight BAR would be OP, It would be just as fair and balanced as all the other variants. I dont see how an optical selbstlader 1906 would be obnoxious. It has 20% of the mag size of the m1916 with the trade off of better performance
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Monday, February 6th 2017, 12:45am

BAR LW would be not too different from the Storm or Trench, but would get a Bipod, that's the real issue. Right now you have to trade being able to use the BAR to its CQB strengths to get a Bipod, partly because of the big blocky scope that has a rather high magnification no matter what.

Optical Luger would be bad for the same reason we don't have an Optical Rem .35: It would be too good. The Luger is a very range-focused option anyway, its intended Marksman and Sniper variants would be far better.
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