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Thursday, January 12th 2017, 3:27am

Colt new service revolver Please

Would the New service 44-40 fit into the game?

A total of 7 Votes have been submitted.


Yes, It would be balanced with the stats the OP suggested (3)


Maybe with additional balance (3)


No, It would be overpowered (1)

Colt New Service - Wikipedia

I think we should get the colt new service in BF1 chambered in 44-40 and would be similar to the 44 magnum in prior battlefields. one familiar feature of this gun is
that it is a swing out cylinder revolver rather than a fixed cylinder or a break open cylinder

The trouble would be to balance it correctly. As a swing out It would reload at a medium speed faster than the single bullet reloads but would be slower than the break open revolvers. It would be about the same as the 44 magnum of bf3 and bf4. The revolver is double action and what that means for bf1 is that ADS does not effect rate of fire (single action revolvers such as the gasser and no. 3 revolver are single action and have a slower ADS rate of fire) the 44-40 was a powerful round comparable to the 357 magnum of today

For the stats, I would give it

a rate of fire of 150 RPM
damage of 53-21 (same as gasser)
damage range profile of the gasser
reload time of 44 magnum of bf3 and bf4
this would be balanced IMHO because though it would reload faster than gasser and have same damage of gasser, the gasser would still shoot faster and have "full auto" hipfire,
The no 3 revolver wouldn't be outclassed because it would still reload fast and have slightly faster rate of fire despite being out damaged. the same comparisons can be made about other revolvers. they woudnt be 100% outclassed. the new service 44-40 would just be a slow and powerful revolver with a medium reload time :thumbup:
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Thursday, January 12th 2017, 8:48pm

Only if it's an all-class weapon

Still really hard to beat the Auto Revolver for solid performance or the No.3 for speedy quickdraws and reloads though