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: Nov 16th 2016

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Saturday, January 14th 2017, 8:07am

They have to add the Winchester M 1907 / 17

We are talking about a gun here with up to 700 RPM

Still with a 20 round mag.
Its already in the game.

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: Jul 18th 2013

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Sunday, January 15th 2017, 10:16pm

If you are a good player like myself, and can make good use of a 5 round clip rifle. Then you will wipe the floor of all other enemies.

Rifles have each their own playstyle.
Making use of a 5 round clip is more than one's ability to fire accurately and hit targets consistently, because it requires really good positioning -- so, there's a time investment not only in managing the recoil, spread, etc., but a play-style adaption that you need to make, so you put yourself in a position that you aren't facing 2v1 situations. I use the 1906 a lot, and I did really like it, but there's times when I know if I had the 1907 factory I'd be able to take out a group so much quicker, but I'm forced into a more conservative, "let-them-come-to-me" play style.