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Thursday, December 8th 2016, 12:16pm

You have full access to anyone coming your way, from B, E, and F.

You also see people going from A to B with little problems.

It is almost as if they are designed to prevent players from moving to other objectives.

Or that they are meant to discourage moving across open fields.

Like they are designed to cut off reinforcements. By sitting either on a flag or between flags.

Like positioning matters for these weapons.

Here's a hint about how Battlefield level design works:

It's not even close to one "giant" fighting space.

It is a bunch of smaller fighting spaces with space to travel in between.

Previously, snipers were pretty much irrelevant no matter what they did.

Now they have a clear purpose of making the empty space dangerous to traverse carelessly. Note the word dangerous. Not impossible.

However you could still reach your goal or achieve a flank by going another way that might even be slightly shorter.

I do not see how this is remotely untrue now.

Moving directly to the next objective through an open field has to be weighed against the security of a slower route.

Having a route be both fast AND secure makes it too good.

Speed or security. Choose one.

On Fao you can use the elevation but you are still exposing yourself to crossfire from D, E and F when traversing between A and G.

Are you seriously complaining that you have to brave a large amount of fire to move LITERALLY from the flag on the far left side of the map to the flag on the right side?

That you have to cross through at least one of the other flags to get to the other side?

Of course you're going to see a lot of fire you are moving across the entire map.

Not to mention there is still a lot of cover you can use. And the abundance of transports which I purposely left out in my previous post.

Hop on a Torpedo Boat, you can move all the way from A to G with little resistance.

needs to hit you twice with an incredibly easy to use weapon at a range where there is little risk for the user.

They are also otherwise the slowest killing weapons in the game because they are unable to fire more than one projectile per second.

Flank routes are not hard to find.

Breaking line of sight is not a monumental feat.

Safe transport is not hard to secure.

Snipers are not hard to shut down.
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Friday, December 9th 2016, 7:45am

If popularity indicated the validity of claims then this site would not need to exist.

I just wanted to hear your thoughts regarding the opinions from people on the official "Battlefield" forums and purposely left my query as neutral as possible.

If you add up all the sweet spots starts and take the mean [(30 + 40 + 60 + 80 +100) / 5] you get 62 m.

So that was how you did your calculations. I would instead take the mean distance for the sweet spot ranges of each rifle with one and multiply them by the frequency of usage that adds up to one. Someone posted statistics of that before, but I cannot remember which website in particular was used.