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Sunday, December 11th 2016, 5:50pm

Opinions on the maps.

So, we've had time to play all the maps now, what's the general consensus? I feel like the difference between hit and miss maps is bigger than in any modern battlefield, to the point I'll feel elation/dread depending on the map that comes up in the rotation. I'm seeing 50 - 60 FPS on almost all maps since the patch but some maps are worse than others (Note, I quit Empire's Edge on conquest almost every time it comes up since the patch, 30 FPS is unplayable.This does not seem to be an uncommon issue and I feel this map should be removed from the standard rotation until it's fixed). By the way, where are all the custom servers this time around? I can only ever see 1-2 empty ones running high ticket counts, even at peak times.

I've graded the maps based on my opinion and experience playing them on Domination (DOM) and Conquest (CQ). If you want to do the same, I shall compile an averaged list of Symthic's ratings for the maps if enough folks rate them.

This list is my personal opinon:

Empire's Edge - I haven't played this map so much on CQ, Domination becomes a clusterfuck of constant gas, and explosions at B with one team sitting in the fort whilst one team holds A and C. On CQ, tanks sit at edges and farm infantry, on C and D, large open spaces overlooking all flags except the central making it impossible to push. Horrible optimisation, runs by far the worst of any Battlefield map to date since the last patch. (F-)

Suez Canal - Great on DOM, does not work whatsoever on conquest even with extra flags. (A+) Domination (F-) Conquest.

Argonne Forest
- Works on Domination, although B feels a little out of the way. On conquest this map functions as an inferior Operation Metro with trees obscuring sightlines punishing anyone attempting to play the objective and making 3D spotting the most important thing you can do. (B+) Domination (D) Conquest.

Sinai Peninsula - Works well onconquest and domination. A good large map with a nice area for infatry combat. (A)

Ballroom Blitz - Works pretty well on all map modes, good mix of combat types although C is a bit too well fortified on conquest. (A-)

St Quentin Scar
- Works well pretty well, both on domniation and conquest. Nice mix of open and urban. Some of the flag capture areas are irritatingly sized/shaped I often lose a flag capture straying out of the bounds. (B+)

Amiens - Great infantry map in both DOM and CQ on par with , if not superior to, Bazaar or Seine from BF3. (A+)

Fao Fortress
- Turks have an unfair advantage, they almost always take the fortress first, giving easily defended sightlines across the whole map with a ton of field guns and AA. (C)

Monte Graapa
- Nice mix of CQC and open areas, C flag ends up with a tank camping the tunnel from miles off 9/10 times. (B+)


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Sunday, December 11th 2016, 8:02pm

I haven't played anything but conquest (other than 3 or 4 TDM matches). In terms of Fao Fortress, say your team doesn't take the Fortress flags (E, F). In this case, which four flags out of the remaining five will you be able to capture to hold a majority. For the Turks (G flag side), you'd need to hold G, D, C and B. Versus for the British (A side flag), you need to hold A, B, C, D. Which of these sets is going to be easier? I think its harder to sustain a hold on Turks' set, because B-held Turk flag is pincered between attackers coming British A flag and attackers and fire from fortress flags (E, F). Whereas, British set is pretty insulated from attacks from Turks G flag, because the downward slope from D is naturally advantage to those on up high. And British held B flag, while vulnerable from attackers and fire from the fortress, still is not as bad a Turks' situation at B. That's how I think about it; if your team doesn't get the fortress, which side would you want to be on?

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Sunday, December 11th 2016, 10:38pm

As a mainly Conquest with some Operations player, I'd put them like this; they're in order and separated by whether I love them, like/don't hate them, or dislike them. I should note that this was a very easy list to make, which says something in and of itself. The only thing I debated was which way around Empire and Grappa were, they're pretty much tied.

St. Quentin Scar
Empire's Edge
Monte Grappa
Sinai Desert
Ballroom Blitz
Argonne Forest
Fao Fortress

Giant's Shadow will likely be in the first section, but we'll see.
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Monday, December 12th 2016, 12:32am

Hah, well the only map I kind of like is Argonne, because it is the one map supposed to mimic Locker or Metro, albeit it is still much weaker in the design of routes, lanes and flow. However I think that all classes are equally viable and fun to play here.

Suez and Monte Grappa are awful maps, for thousand reasons.

For the rest, I have no feelings of any kind, which is probably the worst thing you can say about maps. I never go yay or nay, when Amiens or Scar comes up. If I have fun or not is mostly tied to my own performance now, which varies greatly, and the "balance", meaning if my team wins, as there rarely seem to be balanced rounds. In other games I knew Zavod, Propaganda, Azadi, Caspian, Epicenter, Talah, Seine, Pearl Market and a bunch of others would be fun regardless of my stats, whether I play with mates, we win or whatever.

I believe that when certain maps load up, you should get excited about it, because the map is challenging, yet not frustrating, suits one's and everybody's playstyle and generates a dynamic flow. BF1 maps get nothing but indifference from me. They are not good maps, somewhere below average, but not terrible enough to give me the hateful wrath whenever Dragon Valley or SoS loaded up.

I must admit, to say something good, that the visuals are on a high level as always, and that they play out decently with 64 players and it never feels as crowded as any map in BF3 or 4. I always played with 32 players though, so nothing changed there.




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Monday, December 12th 2016, 1:30am

Threads merged, no need for two.